Following events take place every day. Briefing each morning in the cafeteria 09.30

Bäversafari 200 kr per vuxen, eget fika ca. 2 timmar kväll.
Visning av björnide 200 kr per vuxen, eget fika ca. 3 timmar dag. 
Guidning i Björnlandet Sonfjällets nationalpark ca . 5 timmar 500 kr per vuxen, eget fika max 4 personer min 2.
Open to personal preference


5 hours 500 SEK, max 4 people, minimum 2 (daytime)
We start off by driving 45 minutes along the borders of National park Sonfjället. You will travel with your guide. After the drive there is a 5 km walk. It is a steep walk until you reach a plateau. The vegetation is varied with moss, lichen and swampy grounds. You will find pine trees 400-600 yrs. old and will walk in woodlands that have never been cut. The guide will take you to the most beautiful places and lookouts within the National park and he will tell you about its history and the vegetation in the area. You will look for tracks of both bear and moose and if you are lucky you may see some of our beautiful animals in its natural environment. Read more
MOOSE SAFARI (on request)
This is a motorized trip along the east side of National park Sonfjället in a valley called Valmdalen. You will travel with the guide who will tell you about the national park and show you places where it is more than likely that you will see moose. During the trip you will stop along river Valmen, the guide will make a camp fire and you can have your packed lunch. Read more

Sami Culture. (on request)

Visit Funäsdalen by car/transport. 70 km from Airport

200 SEK. 3 hours (daytime)
We start the trip by driving to Valmdalen in the outskirts of National park Sonfjället. You can ride with the guide or in your own car. After a 30 minute drive we start our walk to the winter lair together with our guides. This is an excursion for both adults and children. We will stop somewhere nice to have our packed lunch and enjoy the silence and tranquility in our bear rich environment. Read more
Go for a swim at Sonfjällscampingen, the camping in Hedeviken. The water in river Ljusnan springs from the mountains.
200 SEK 2 hours (evening).
A walk on old roads and medows along the riverbanks of Ljusnan. Suitable for both children and adults. The walk is about 4 km long. The guide will tell you about the area and how the beaver lives. Chances are that you will spot a beaver or a lodge. We will make several stops during the walk to look for beavers and to have our packed lunch. 
Read more
Discover the Icelandic horse (on request)
This is an excursion for everyone, even for beginners. It is a two-hour-trip. If you are a beginner we will take it nice and slow, but if you are a group of experienced riders we will show you the special paces of the Icelandic horse. We will follow old mountain pasture roads surrounded by the beautiful scenery. We meet up at an old mountain pasture called Västsätern situated 30 km west of Hede. At Västsätern there is still a working mountain pasture with cows walking free. The view over mount Sonfjället is majestic. Read more!

Fisning (on request)
Fish for trout in a mountain lake. Cook the fish over an open fire.

Biking with a guide (on request)
Wednesday, Friday, Manday, Tuesday
Guided bike ride on roads and paths in and around Vemdalen.

Hike in the mountains
Visit an mountain pasture and then take a hike up to the top of mount Sonfjället 1 200 m above sea level. The hike takes about 4 hours. We will bring lunch.