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PROGRAM July 2017. 
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Horse riding
Mountain tour
Sami culture 
Moose safari
Mountain Bike

PROGRAM July 2017 Example

1. Bear safari
2. Trout fishing
3. Horseback riding
4. Mountain trekking
5. Moose safari
6. Sami culture
7. Mountain Bike

All activities depend on the weather.


  • Avgas available on the airfield 23 SEK.
  • 91/96 UL available on the airfield 23 SEK
  • Mogas available at the gas station (7 km from the airfield)


  • Camping on the airfield is posible.
  • Hot showers and toilets available at the airfield.

5 km from the airfield. Transport by horse and cart each day between camp and airport
Please feel free to book your hotel.